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Spring is just around the corner and it will soon be time to start really enjoying the great outdoors again.  Taking dogs for long walks in the mountains, on the beach or in the woods.  Wherever you go make sure you have plenty of toys to keep your dog occupied.  We have a whole range…

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Due to a personal problem the owner of 5.5 year Boxer, Darc, is reluctantly having to put him up for ado   ption. He has been castrated (poor chap!), all his vaccines are up-to-date and he is in good health. He is a well-natured, well-trained dog who gets along fine with other dogs and cats…

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Just to let you know that we will be closing the shop one hour earlier on Thursday at 20:00.  Hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience and rest assured we will be open, as usual,  10:30 on Friday, hopefully without hangovers!

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Watch out for Toxic Catapillars

Despite the recent cold weather, a plague of toxic catapillars has arrived early in Catalunya and dog owners are being asked to pay particular attention when walking their dogs in parks in Barcelona, because the catapillars could kill. The eggs are laid in candyfloss-like nests in pine trees where they remain during the cold winter…

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Welcome to Barca, Philippe

Barcelona Dog Pants! In support of Phillipe Coutinho possibly making is debut for Barcelona this week against Celta de Vigo, we are offering you your very own chance to sign a Barcelona player for just 160 million€. Well, actually it’s 13€ but with add-ons, qualification for the Champions League, winning the Champions league and just…

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Els Reis Mags d’Orients

If you are in the area this afternoon between 17:00-20:00 visit the shop because we will be handing out samples of all types Belcando dog foods that the three King’s have just delivered! Come and say hello.

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We would like to announce a new range of rather exotic animals that will be in store and available soon. As a special promotion we are offering a supply of free suncream for the Pengiuns; a free set of step ladders with each Giraffe and a free bottle of shower gel with each hippo. Prices…

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